I got no class (but the pattern is available)


So about that t-shirt quilt…. Sadly, the class was a bust. No one signed up for it, and there are several reasons for that. First off, the numbers may have been a put off because it makes the quilt so specific. Or the whole t-shirt thing could have been a put off because, well, we’ve already covered that. I think that timing had a lot to do with it. The folks who would have been most interested in making such a quilt for their graduating kids would have needed to have completed it by last weekend. So, yeah, it didn’t happen, but…!

I have made the pattern available for sale at craftsy. Can I admit something here? When I first started writing patterns for my classes three years ago, I was completely new to InDesign. I had a very basic working knowledge of it. Now? I have come a long way with pattern-writing, and teaching has helped with this because it’s not just my InDesign skills that have developed. It’s what I’ve learned through teaching about how people read patterns and what exactly they need in order to make a successful and fulfilling project that helps me design better patterns now. Well, this is the best pattern I have written to date. I don’t mean to sound like a braggy asshole, but I am really happy with how this came out and think anyone who uses it will be, too. I have crafted a thorough and thoughtfully written pattern and am excited to share it with others.

Recently, I pulled my blueprint for the Numerals quilt off of my craftsy page. A lot of people had been leaving angry comments about how disappointed they were that it was not a real pattern with complete instructions and templates. I had conveyed this point in the item description in bold letters, but somehow they felt misled. I understand their disappointment to an extent. They’re right; it was not a pattern. It was just a clearly defined layout with some basic information about measurements. It required the person making it to do some math and draft their own drunkards path templates. The only reason I made this available for anyone who was interested in it – for free – was because I had folks emailing me about a pattern for my Numerals quilt. I hadn’t gotten around to writing a pattern for it yet so thought I would share the general info about how I made it – for free – with anyone who was supereager to get it started. I had the best intentions. What is it they say about good intentions? Yep. That. One morning I woke up after having busted my chin open on pavement, my left leg bruised and swollen from my thigh to the base of my shin. I spent the evening before in the ER getting stitches (because at 39 I had my first bike accident), and I wanted all the Ibuprofin. I opened up my email to see three more comments from people complaining that the fact that craftsy automatically added the word pattern onto the title was misleading and wrong and they were angry. Maybe it was my exhaustion and the state I was in, or maybe it was defensiveness over semantics because folks were disappointed that something I specifically said was not a pattern in the description was indeed not a pattern. Either way, I took my ball and hurled it over the fence so no one could play with it. Yep. Flounce, flounce, flounce.

I realize that I may have come across as douchebag and worse, an ingrate. I just want to say I am extremely grateful to all those folks who have purchased my patterns in the past and have made my designs, both quilts and softies. Thank you, all! You rock! And I am open to any constructive criticism, so let me know if there is something I can do better. Yelling at me about how something that was described clearly as “not a pattern” was listed as a pattern because of the way a site sorts their patterns is not constructive. However, telling me that I could have made a diagram for x or written clearer instructions for y or whatever is constructive, so please do pass along those types of comments.

For the record, I will post more free patterns in the future (yes, actual patterns!). I have plans to post one to make up for pulling the Numerals blueprint soon. Meanwhile, here’s a free pattern from Robert Kaufman by someone whose work I adore and admire, Cortney Heimerl. I am superinspired by Cortney’s quilts and wish I could get to making this gorgeous pattern right this very moment.


One thought on “I got no class (but the pattern is available)

  1. Gah, sorry about the non-pattern comments. At the same time, it is so nice to read that through the process of teaching and following patterns with students you have refined your skill at writing them… I be they are awesome! I’ve never tried InDesign, but people say such good things…

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