a stitch in time….

DSC_0011 You know how sometimes there’s an idea for a project bouncing around in your head? It starts small but grows about an ounce per bounce. And the more you think about it, the more you know that you have to make the time to make this because you need to make this. This is that project for me. For months I have toyed with the idea of a wholecloth quilt using embroidery floss. Every time I’m at Gather Here, I linger over the amazing technicolor cabinet of Cosmo floss and drool and dream. I wanted to play with color. I wanted to create something clean and simple. I pitched an idea for a hand-quilting class/workshop for June at Gather Here. Check in this Monday when they launch new classes to see when it will be.

I am so psyched about this. Right now, I’m just finishing it up with some white-on-white stitching. Meanwhile, here are the Cosmo colors I used, in case anyone is curious or feels like stitching along:



One thought on “a stitch in time….

  1. I have this exact feeling bouncing around in my brain right now, except mine involves bias tape applique whole cloth quilt-as-you-go. Phew!

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