welcome to my new digs!

xplus56Well, hello! Thanks for dropping by and checking out my new site. I kinda like it here. Way more freedom in the design and layout and hey! Look at that, will ya! I have my very own domain name. Shit is about to get fancy. I know. It’s about time. But you know, there was that whole year or more of blogging ennui I had there. I’m hoping the move to a new site will shake things up a bit for me and re-ignite my passion for writing about the stuff I make because once upon a time I used to love doing that. And ultimately, it helps to do that, to process the process and share thoughts and tips and the odd tutorial here and there, especially when there’s so much to say and you often find yourself over-thinking instead. It helps when there’s a place to spill it. You can sort through the pieces and make sense of them, see what connects to what and whatnot.

And so in keeping with that spirit, let’s pick up more or less where we left off. There are several quilts in progress, one of which is this one:

xplus56progressMy x+ quilt is a steady labor of love. I make the blocks when I need a palate cleanser, when I’m too tired to work on anything substantial, i.e. anything that requires thinking (like stuff for upcoming classes),  or when I just need some straight up comfort sewing, the kind of sewing that just makes you happy to sew. I’m up to 56 blocks, which only puts me 6 blocks over the halfway point. But oh, there are so many scraps to sort through and so many fabrics in my stash to snip just a bit here and there from. Already, I am cutting and arranging for the next 20 blocks. I have to ride this wave of momentum while I can. My goal is to finish piecing this before the summer. That’s right. I’m actually setting a finish-it date for this one. Hold me to it.

What long-term quilty (or not quilty) projects are you working on these days?


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