kitties + coffee forevah!

kitty coffee coaster

You ever do that thing where you compose a blog post about a project only you apparently never clicked on post or even save, for that matter, as the post doesn’t seem to exist anywhere but your head? Yeah, well, that…. And I only realized now that this post didn’t exist – months after I made this kitty coffee coaster and taught a class on it and made a ton to give to friends. Now. Why did I realize this now? Because I was posting all my available patterns onto Craftsy and went to link up my blog post to the listing. Only there was no blog post to be linked because… derf.
I don’t blog about every single project I make because as much as I enjoy blogging, it is not one of my top priorities. I’ve never been super-diligent about it to begin with, but with the wees it’s been a balancing act to make time for everything. I am not as awesome at time management as some folks, and whatever time I make for sewing is strictly for that. So it comes as no surprise that I dropped the ball on that. But still, I’m a little baffled because I was SO excited about this project. I mean, kitties and coffee – true love forevah!
Oh! And hey! I’m now on Craftsy. Woohoo! I’m all posting my patchwork and softie patterns there, and I’ll be posting a few more over the next week. So please do check it out!

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