the sweet and low-down on coo-coo for curves

improv curve mini quilt
A couple of years ago, I came across this fabulous print on etsy by Melanie Mikecz, also known as twoems. Immediately, I thought it would make an awesome quilt. I kind of fell in love with the idea of someday making a quilt based on that design. Then I remembered this brilliant and straightforward tutorial by Sherri Lynn Wood, aka daintytime, and realized it would be entirely feasible to do so and that it looked like it might be a lot of fun.
improv curves - mmmm, binding
And it was! I love making miniquilts. I really don’t make enough of them. Miniquilts are a great, low-commitment, quick-results way of trying out new techniques and experimenting with ideas and composition. It’s like making a sketch for a quilt. The last few years with all the friends having kids, I’ve been doing this with baby quilts instead, but sometimes I miss the quick and dirty process of making miniquilts. 
improv curves - corner shot
Speaking of process, the process for this was so enjoyable. I just got out a bunch of solid scraps, threw in some favorite prints, and went to town with the rotary cutter. I had no specific plan other than to have these echoing curves. It was all very fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, aka organic. After my last few very structured and precise projects, it was thoroughly liberating to work on something so intuitive and free-form. I’m hoping to play with more quilts like this in the near future.


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