random thoughts while quilting

  • I really had to get this quilt out of my system. Like, this was a quilt that I had to make. I learned so much while making it.
  • I really and truly love the act of quilting. I had so much fun quilting this. After I worked out a plan, I set the machine on “quick as a bunny” speed and put the pedal to the metal. It’s a little cathartic and cleansing to do that. It feels a little like going on a long motorcycle ride only my butt doesn’t hurt at the end and I have a pretty thing to show for myself to boot.
  • The new Mudhoney album sounds like just about everything else they’ve ever recorded in the last 25 years. So of course, I love it like crazy. It’s my sewing soundtrack now. I’m madly jealous of anyone who was there when they played at the top of the Space Needle a few days ago.
  • I’m actually going to finish a Halloween quilt in time for Halloween and that blows my mind, rocks my world, makes me all sorts of happy.

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