the progress report

Lately, this has been my go-to comfort project. When I just need some mindless sewing, I make more blocks. I think I’ve reached my block capacity before it becomes tedious and no longer soothing and enjoyable. We’ll call it at 16 blocks then, measuring a bit under 60 inches square. Makes for a good-sized autumn throw. 
It’s a bit of a “Monet,” where imperfections abound. For every 4 points, only 3 meet and match. Perfection is a bit over-rated anyway. I was super-eager to make a kaleidoscope quilt and can now cross that off my quilty to-do list. Can’t wait to quilt it over the weekend!

One thought on “the progress report

  1. I've fallen in love with this quilt. I really am. It looks so lovely and fall-ish. It's fun to see all the different patterns that emerge from staring at it too long without blinking haha Great job!

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