sample sewing

kaleidoscope pillow

That’s what I’m doing! I just realized now (derf) that I’ve been making a pillow a month for the last few months. I’m building up quite the collection! The fun thing about making pillows is that you get to try out different blocks and techniques without having to commit to a whole quilt. It’s such a straightforward, low-commitment project. And? You end up with a pillow which you can give to a loved one or keep it as part of your decor.
With this pillow, I got to try my hand at kaleidoscope blocks. I’ve been dreaming of making a kaleidoscope quilt for months now, but I need to find a way to fit it into my schedule. Testing out a block in this way helped me realize how easy it is and how little time one block takes. With that information, I can then see how I can make the time for it. I think if I make one like this, it will go pretty quickly. Ultimately, I dream of making a striped one like this Denyse Schmidt quilt.
However, before I go starting something new, let me finish a few things over here. There’s certainly no dearth of inspiration or ideas, but I need a few finishes first. Like, uh, that Colorist quilt that I cut the pieces for last year then pieced in one go one night about a month ago. Yeah, that. I should quilt that.

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