a new project in 12 pieces – #1

spring tunic for d

Recently, while weeding stuff I don’t use out of my closet and dresser, I came upon a shirt I bought at Target shortly after the littlest wee was born. I knew when I bought it that it was unflattering, but it was so cute that I wanted to make it work somehow. Yeah, that didn’t quite pan out, and it sat in my dresser for about a year. I was about to pack it in the bag with the rest of the stuff to give away when it occurred to me that it would make a cute toddler girl dress. It’s a really soft lightweight cotton in a print that’s not pink or purple. Perfect!

making friends with the felling foot

The modifications were simple – I cut away the sides and cut into the sleeves at an angle, hemmed the sleeves with the felling foot, gathered the neck a bit more and attached bias tape at the collar, and hemmed it about 5 inches shorter than its original length. They were really basic mods that took me maybe less than an hour to complete. Just like that, I had what felt like a spanking new dress for the wee. It got me thinking about how great it would be to take clothes that we can’t give away to Goodwill because of holes and other damage and reconstruct them for a Spring wardrobe for her. Kids outgrow clothes so quickly, and it might be a good way to save some money while also using stuff that might otherwise go to waste. Wins all around, right?

So I’m thinking of making a project out of it now. I collected 11 more items that I think will work well for these purposes and am gearing to go.

hanging out

And the wee seems pretty chuffed with her dress!

doing the Ozzy Osbourne dance

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