wip wednesday – 8 more to the score

8 more to the score. #xplusalong

That brings my total to 25. Things have been slow-going here because ugh. I was ridiculously sick last week, like had to go to the doctor and they thought it best I stay for a bag of fluids sick. Man, toddlers are just cuddly little Petri dishes. Seriously, I never got sick like this until I had kids. I used to get sick every winter when I smoked, but it’s been a long time since then. I’d gotten too used to feeling all hearty and healthy. It’s like we need to mist ourselves with sanitizer at the door when we come in from the incubation room, aka the Children’s Floor at the library. Gugh.
Moving right along, though… the blocks, they are a’buildin’. To answer Seanna Lea’s question from last wip wednesday, I work on a bunch of them at a time. My goal is to do 3 a night, but what actually seems to happen is I sew 8 in one go after not having sewn in almost a week. I have a dozen bagged up and ready to sew, and I’ve been steadily making progress with going through my scraps and cutting pieces to size. I’m happy with the direction this last batch has taken. I think all the darks there will help to achieve that balance I was talking about. Off to sew I go to try to knock out a couple more perhaps before bed.

3 thoughts on “wip wednesday – 8 more to the score

  1. Hmm.. I was trying to do all mine with light background, but now seeing your wonderful blocks, I think you're right about the balance! Looks great.

  2. I'm sorry you were sick. I haven't been bag of fluids sick (bag of fluids because platelet donation makes me wobbly and for normal medical, but not sick). It sounds like you are feeling better. Your quilt looks pretty good. It will be awesome to see all of the scrappiness laid out together.

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