teacup toupeé – take 2

Made a new mug merkin sample for next month's class. I lurve it.

Whipped up a new sample for next month’s class. As you can see below, my original sample has seen a good bit of use, so….

The old one is a little wranlky (and looks gnawed).
Not much to say right now. Or at least, not much to say about a 10 minute project I put together for an intro to patchwork/ beginner’s class. I’ve been listening to others, however, reading their words about quilting, community, what is “modern,” art vs. craft, and digesting it all, thinking about what they’re saying as I bounce from project to project. Hoping to craft a post about it soon because omg, so many thoughts, and they’re just bouncing around right now all willynilly.

One thought on “teacup toupeé – take 2

  1. Is this meant to be like a coaster under a mug (like a mug rug) or to go on top of a teacup? I saw the term merkin on your instagram and that was definitely not what I was expecting!

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