wip wednesday – old projects revisited with a new enthusiasm

I only had 7 in the baggy which means the others are buried under a pile. Eep.

I started this last year. Or the year before. I honestly can’t remember and am not too pushed to look it up. It started when badskirt Amy posted an awesome tutorial for a scrappy block that was based on a quilt by Setsuko Inagawa at the Tokyo Quilt Festival which itself was based on a block by Nancy Cabot. There was some x+ing along, and then I saw something shiny and became distracted, started working on other projects and placed this one on the backburner. Every now and then I come across the baggy with these blocks in it and pull it out, put it on the top of the pile. Every time I do that, it goes back to the bottom because other stuff is more pressing. This is one of those chill projects you work on for the pure and simple pleasure of sewing.
Well, when people on Instagram started x+ing along, I decided it’s the perfect time to get back into it and maybe even make enough of these to finish a top. I mean, if you keep coming back to the same project, it is clearly calling out to you. So it’s crafty kismet, and you can’t fight that, can you?

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