and just like that…

 and just like that, Fall is nearly upon us....
Fall is nearly upon us. Dude, this year has pretty much zoomed past me. At the risk of sounding like a Steve Miller song, time is just slipping away. Usually, when the first dahlias bloom, I’m already aware of the seasonal shift, but this year I got caught off-guard. I can’t believe my little girl is 8 months old now. I can’t believe that berry season is over and that Halloween is right around the corner. I’ve been working on Xmas stuff for the shop. Eep!
The dahlias have gone wild this year. I didn’t do a great job staking them; I only tied them once as they grew. The wind knocked the few that had been better secured to the stakes over anyway. So they’ve grown sideways in a vine-like fashion and become tangled together. But hot damn, they have flourished! There are dozens upon dozens of blooms, and I have at least kept up with clipping them for more growth. I’m pretty happy with the variety we have this year. They work well together. And I think I may leave the tubers in over the winter. It looks like a few we accidentally did that with last winter came back even stronger this year.

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