dressing up the wee

in her Outfoxed top

So, uh, remember when I was all psyched for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge? Well, I made stuff – two tops and pair of pantaloones – and just never got around to writing about it. Heh. (I was lazy and distracted and simply threw some quick snapshots of my FOs into the InstaGram pool.) So here I present to you my KCWC projects as modeled by the wee. The hair styling for this shoot was courtesy Salon Finn. I’m lucky to have such a little helper who was so eager to get involved in the shoot. Alas, I did not get a chance to make him what I had planned, but there’s still time to sew up some shorts for him before it’s totally summer.
The items I whipped up for KCWC were easy-peasy 1-hour projects. I made two tops with contrasting sleeves using the Sweet Dress pattern again. I really love this pattern. It’s super-easy to modify and expand upon it. I’m hoping to try more variations on it in the future.
I also banged out a teeny pair of pantaloones using the leftover scraps from my Schoolhouse Tunic (which I still haven’t properly photographed and blogged about – derf!). I didn’t use a pattern for those and just winged it using one of the wee’s pants as a guide. In retrospect I should have taken into consideration the fact that I was using jersey pants with a woven fabric and cut them a little larger, like maybe just 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch on each side. These ended up being just a bit snug on her. I don’t expect her to fit into them in another week or two. Meh, so now I know better for next time. And there will be a next time. Because you know what? Kids’ clothes are such a quick and satisfying project. For someone who doesn’t get to spend much time with the machine these days, it is especially gratifying to be able to knock out a finished item in one sitting.

wee outfit


2 thoughts on “dressing up the wee

  1. Bwahaha! When you wrote, “Meh, so now I know better for next time. And there will be a next time.” I had to re-read b/c I thought you meant you were pregnant again 🙂

  2. @grumperina – OHMYGODNOOOOOOOOO!!!!! No, not pregnant again. Just reading this makes me want to put in my diaphragm and wear it all day, every day while maintaining a strict vow of celibacy and slathering my hands with spermicide every 10 minutes until I get an IUD and perform a vasectomy on Matt while he sleeps.

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