quietly counting

Numbers Quiet Book

I recently sewed up this “Ten Little Things” Quiet Book for gather here because they now carry Jenn Ski‘s adorable “Ten Little Things” line by Moda. For those who may not know what a quiet book is, it’s essentially an activity book for kids. With this awesome quiet book, designed by Angela Yosten, kids can learn their numbers with the cute little animals/objects in the different panels/pages.

Numbers Quiet Book - pocket

It even has a zippered pouch in the front cover where your kiddo can store some chalk. Why would he/she need a place to store their chalk? That’s because one of the coolest things about this project, besides the supercute prints by Jenn Ski, of course, is the chalk cloth! Chalk cloth, people! I know a lot of folks are so very over the whole “chalk boards on everything” trend that has been electronically plastered all over Pinterest and similar sites, but if you have a toddler you understand and appreciate the benefits of having readily available surfaces to write and doodle on that you can easily wipe clean. It keeps them busy, engaged, and quiet, or if your toddler is like mine, something like quiet – i.e. chattering at himself and not at you while you’re trying to get stuff done.

Quiet Book - pages
And this has been kid-tested and kid-approved. Finbar LOVED it. He was immediately attracted to the prints, and as he is learning to count and is completely enamored with numbers right now, this is so up his alley. So yeah, if you’re looking for a fun project to make for a kid, this would be one to go for. Finn recommends it!

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