when quilts are put to a good use

matching the birdies to the bunting

I love that this demo bunting quilt I made for class is now part of the kiddo’s latest favorite game. He likes to match his “happy birds” to the bunting. It’s awesome to watch him thinking about it as he arranges and rearranges them during his quiet play time. He’s so thoughtful about where he places each one. I’m thrilled that this quilt has unexpectedly provided him with such an outlet or source of entertainment.

5 thoughts on “when quilts are put to a good use

  1. This must just make your day! Very cool that he's loving the quilt, and also playing with colour! Matching birds to buntings, that sounds like fun.

  2. I just found your blog through google-ing bunting quilt. I also looked at your photos of this on Flicker and noticed that you offered to email the tutorial you wrote up for your class. I would love it if I could have that to recreate this for a hot air balloon I would like for my future baby (who is not yet on the way, but hopefully soon) my email is nicoletrager@gmail.com… I would be over the moon! Thanks

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