she comes in color everywhere

The Colorist

I normally don’t quilt from a pattern. It’s not that I fancy myself above and beyond it, nor is it that I can’t grasp it because I “haz a dumb.” It’s just not my thing. My stuff is either basic Quilting 101 design or playing with simple design elements and color to make something seemingly complex. I like working intuitively. Every now and then, however, a pattern comes along that I find so appealing that I know I *need* to make it. Such is the case with “The Colorist,” the fabulous new design by the talented and prolific Lizzy House.
Lizzy blows me away with her amount of creative output. She designs line upon line of adorable prints, and she is constantly coming up with new designs – be they for stationery or for quilts. She’s always busting out something new, and I pretty much love ALL of it. She is such an inspiration.

stack o' fabrics

So about the quilt…. I’ve been meaning to make a colorwheel quilt for a long time now. This pattern takes the colorwheel just one step further with smaller pieces and two rings of color. Plus, I get to play with a rainbow of fabric! Selecting the fabrics for this was so much fun:

getting ready

You need 30 colors total. I picked out my colors & prints pretty easily. I may swap out one of the reds and put in a green instead because I think I’m a little lacking in greens. We’ll see…. Now to start cutting!
Wanna quilt along? Please join Virginia and me over at our Flickr group! To get the pattern, please go to Lizzy’s shop here.

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