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Peeking in to say “hello!” Thank you all for your well-wishes re: the wee. We’re all settling in pretty smoothly, and I’m feeling great. My days are spent nursing and reading. Finn now refers to his favorite books by title (or most of the title – for example, Eric Carle’s The Very Quiet Cricket is simply The Cricket), and he brings me books to read to him while I feed the wee. (Myself? I’m reading The Night Circus and enjoying it immensely.) Our sofa has turned into a nest full of baby toys, blankies, board books and sippy cups, a couple of wee sweaters I’m knitting and my Kindle floating around in there also.
So folks have been asking for a pattern for the Modern Drunkard’s Path quilt. I wrote up a pattern for a smaller version (crib sized) for the class I taught at gather here. I just need to tidy up a few things on there before I release it for sale. Or maybe it’ll be a free pattern. I haven’t decided yet. I went balls out on it with very detailed diagrams and such. BUT…. If you absolutely, positively *must* make one for yourself right this very moment, it’s pretty easy. Just draw a quarter circle template, cut, and sew. Alternatively, there are a ton of quilting sites that offer templates for a drunkard’s path block and tutorials on how to sew them. As for the palette, I used 24 colors sorted in groups of 4 in the 6 following families: reds, oranges, blues, greens, warm purples, cool violets. I think gather here still has a couple of the bundles that I put together for them available for sale – one in a rainbow of prints, another exclusively solids. You can also play around with color and make a monochromatic one like this beauty that Abby made or make a totally scrappy version. It’s up to you. I plan to have more info soon. Right now, though, I’m just kinda taking this all in:


6 thoughts on “for now

  1. Look at that little wee, basking in the sun! So cute! Glad you're enjoying The Night Circus. It's definitely a very unique read 🙂

  2. Just found your blog! Well, I found a pic of your modern drunkard's path. I love it so much. Could I post your pic on my blog? ( If I wasn't in the middle of a quilt, I'd totally start making one like yours, same colours and everything–or at least I'd try–just for my bed, though, not to rip off. And I really want to make one like it. Do you have a pattern for it? You're quite talented in all you do, it looks like.

  3. Congratulations on the new addition! I just stumbled on your blog and love your work…and I am definitely interested in that quilt pattern that is on its way!

  4. Hola, hace mucho tiempo que conozco tu blog y…. me gusta mucho!!!!
    Este quilt me ha quitado el sueño y por fin lo he cosido, ha sido un placer hacerlo.
    He colocado las fotos en mi blog ( por supuesto con un enlace al tuyo). Espero que no te moleste, mis amigas están encantadas con tu pagina.
    Felicidades por esos bebes preciosos.
    Gracias por tu generosidad.
    No puedo seguir tu blo, NO TIENES GADCHET DE SEGUDORES!
    Otra vez gracias.
    un saludo dese Madrid. España

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