the Finbear’s lair

the Finbear's lair
One big thing I needed to cross off of my to-do list was to finish the kiddo’s room. You would have thought we would have done that when he was born, but no. We figured he would sleep in the same room as us for the first year, and so we weren’t rushed to do it. Over the last year, we have been chipping away at the contents of our walk-in closet in order to turn it into his room – stuff we dumped in there when we moved in almost six years ago and totally forgot about because we never ever use any of it – giving away what’s in great shape and throwing away the rest. We finally cleared the last of it away just a few months ago. Even then, other projects came up that took priority over making the room all pretty. As long as the kiddo was able to sleep in it, that was all that mattered. After all, we had to get him acclimated to sleeping by himself in his “big boy bed” before the really wee one gets here. We painted the walls, ceiling, and trim, built his bed, and then took our time with the rest.
thanks to pinterest for the deco ideas
In the meanwhile, I had been amassing ideas for how to decorate it on pinterest. From palette choices to cool artwork to using Ikea spice racks for bookshelves to painting a dresser ombre, there was a crazy abundance of ideas to explore. So far, the room has really come together, and I’m extremely happy with the results. All we have yet to do is hang the artwork, which we’ll do as soon as the pieces are matted. What’s more important is that the kiddo loves it and seems to enjoy having his own little space.
the kiddo's bed

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