happy new year (from the surliest little ewok)

Let’s be honest here. We all knew the minute I made this:

Mali in the Anti-Firework Dog Balaclava

that someday I would make this:

my little Ewok

If not for my own kid, then for someone else’s, but clearly at some point or another it was bound to happen.
Hey, did you know it’s hard to photograph a toddler when they’re watching “Yo Gabba Gabba?” There’s some unspoken rule where one must not interfere with their DJ Lance Rock time. The whole time I was trying to photograph him, he kept looking over me or around me instead of at me. I might have had an easier time when photographing the dog. He did give me a different pose at one point though:

patient little model

I should note that this is not my own design or invention. I saw this woman’s awesome baby cowls on pinterest and had to have one right then and there, so I made one. I do not have a pattern for this; I just winged it. I do not plan on making a pattern for this because that would be seriously undermining the original designer who makes these custom order on her lovely etsy shop. Besides, hers are a million times better than mine as she has perfected the process by now. Mine took a bit of trial and error and still fits the kid a little snugger than I would prefer. Also, please note that she does not have this available as a pattern, and I don’t know if she has any plans to release one. I just feel the need to put that out there. Sometimes people ask about patterns. Sometimes I have answers, and sometimes I don’t. This is a case of the latter.
Anyway, back to the cowl itself…. It’s a little snug. I kept going back and forth, crocheting a few rows then ripping them back until I found the right width more or less. I used Quince & Co. Osprey in Twig with the accents in some leftover scraps of Chanterelle, I really really REALLY love this yarn. It is so squishy and dreamy and knits/crochets into such a soft, dense fabric. And the colors are just so beautifully nuanced. Not that he necessarily appreciates the same things I do about it, but the kiddo seems to enjoy wearing it:


that is until he decides it’s time to get back to Gabba Gabba. Then I just get his best “Bitch, PLEASE!” face as he tries to wedge himself between the TV and me:

ok, enough - Gabba Gabba is srs bznz
Happy New Year, people!

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