happy holidays!

the wee tree

Why look at that! This year we hid our tree’s shame with a stripey tree skirt I whipped up for a class at gather here. I’m rather fond of it, though I will say I should have made the center hole much narrower. That would have provided us with a tidier skirt with a smaller circumference. It would have also involved a lot less panels of fabric and made for an even quicker, easier project. Now I know for next year. I’ll just tweak it to reflect these bits of trial and error and come up with a better, more badass skirt (to hide the tree’s shame, of course!).

yay corners!

I know it makes me such a mega-nerd, but really, nice corners please me to no end.

tree skirt - detail

Once again, I machine-bound something, and I did not want to stab said project after I was done. Hooray! I’m getting better at this thing. I like that the print I chose for the binding is kinda subtle and doesn’t overpower or compete with the pretty saturated prints I used to the skirt itself. Funny thing about this binding, too. Originally, while sewing at Stacie’s, she made 5 yards of binding for me while I worked on something else so that we would have time to play Settlers of Catan because Stacie is awesome like that. The thing is that I needed bias tape but did not communicate that. I just said binding. Derf! It’s gorgeous, though, and I know I will definitely use it (for my current project, actually). Thanks again, Stacie! During class I made bias tape for my students hoping I could make mine work for the demo, but of course it didn’t really work with the curves because, well… it wouldn’t. Way to go, me! So Virginia made the bias tape for me seeing as I had just made yards and yards of it and must have looked like some defeated schlump when I realized I had to make more. Thank you, Virginia! Seriously, I am so grateful for these ladies. Also, talk about a close call – I had this much tape left:

Close call

I *just* made it.

tree skirt

The basic stripes in this design work well with our tree’s decorations which consist mostly of little old painted wooden ornaments, a couple of my softie ornaments, wee fabric stockings, and these glass ornaments I took with me when my sister decided to throw them out. She thought they were old and tacky. Maybe they are, but they’re shiny and remind me of some of the happiest time in my childhood. Therefore I love ’em.

old ornaments

Happy holidays, folks. Hope you have a wonderful time filled with laughter, surrounded by the people you love.

One thought on “happy holidays!

  1. Your tree skirt is awesome. We have an artificial tree, so I have never thought about making a skirt for it. I figured that the skirt was to hide the ugly stand, and our fake tree doesn't really have anything there to hide.

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