thursday – a day late (but not a buck short)

full shot of chevrons 2 electric boogaloo

This rainbow-y chevron quilt was my demo for the class at gather here. I whipped up the top itself in a couple of hours because really this entails SUCH an easy method of construction. It took me forever to get around to quilting & binding it, however. The quilting itself is very simple, even less complicated than the prototype since I only quilted each row once (on one side of the seam) as opposed to two times as I did with the prototype.

detail of the quilting

To further expedite the process, I machine-bound this one as well, again using 3-inch strips instead of my normal 2 1/2. I am super-pleased with the corners:

oh, happy corners

Being as this quilt might end up going to a baby, I backed it with a sweet, cozy flannel. Again, I made pockets for hanging it with a dowel, using the same flannel:

pockets for dowels

I’m not sure this is a palette I would normally use, but it’s kinda refreshing to slowly branch out a bit. It’s rainbow-y without strictly adhering to ROYGBIV.


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