sunday – rainbow chevron goodness

rainbow chevron quilt - finished

And so I begin the parade of finished quilts on the blog. There have been a bunch of them waiting patiently in the wings – a few for classes at gather here, a few for the fun of it, and a couple that I need to send off to friends. I’m not sure what more to say about this one here other than it was a prototype for a class on how to make easy zig-zags and that the color scheme and design were inspired by a fabric by Ann Kelle – the very same fabric that I used for the backing, in fact. I like to drive my point home.
Two things that worked out neatly and have pleased me oh-so-very-much about this quilt are my successful attempts at making corner pockets for a dowel, a la Oh, Fransson! in her book, The Practical Guide to Patchwork, and my victory at machine-binding. Past attempts at machine-binding have been… less than stellar. Or we can be blunt and say they have sucked ass and been fug as hell (because it’s the truth). Heh. This time, however, I put to practice what I have learned from past mistakes and used a wider binding, resulting in this:

chevron - backside

See? Sweet! I am TRIUMPHANT! And I am also way too excited about this teeny success.
I wish I had noted the measurements before I parted with it. I think it measures approximately 38 x 44 inches. All I know is it’s a great size for a baby quilt and expect it will be used as such.

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