dropping f-blocks

f-block 3
Was that too subtle? Let me say it a little more clearly:
f-block 2 
Still too quiet? I’ll say it loudly and proudly:
I have never understood what all the fuss is about over a four-letter word that doesn’t carry any sort of racist, sexist, or classist stigma. It’s just a word. I use it as filler. I use it casually. While I sometimes use it to express contempt or frustration, I don’t necessarily always associate it with vitriol or hatred. It’s just a colorful adjective I use to pepper my speech. I use it when I’m psyched, happy, or enthusiastic about something. “Fuck yeah!” is a rowdy cry of joy. I use it jokingly when chatting with friends. Context shapes usage. 
These blocks are for Chawne whose quilts are always an inspiration. Hope she likes them and is able to incorporate them into what promises to be an awesome project.

2 thoughts on “dropping f-blocks

  1. Love.

    My quilt bee just made a “f-bomb you cancer” quilt for a friend battling cancer.

    Every time folks tell me quilting is for grannies, I have that as a great counter example.

    Any plans for the blocks?

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