happy movember!
Today I am thankful for this kid who lights up my life with his joy and enthusiasm. I never thought I would be able to be a mom, and yet here we are. It is wonderful and challenging; makes my heart burst with love and wracks my nerves with worry all at once. I am thankful for this opportunity and thankful for my doodlebug. It hasn’t always been easy with the postpartum depression, but I’m doing what I can to recover and make my kid and myself happy. I’m thankful I have a supportive and loving partner in all this. He has been the best, and I appreciate every little thing he has done to make our lives better.
who's that moustachioed fellow?
By the way, happy Movember! I cannot believe it took me this long to get around to our annual Movember photo. I love how excited the kiddo gets over it, too. I’m looking forward to many years of this:
my silly little monkey
And what’s Thanksgiving without a little pie? 
omg salted caramel!!!!
Hope you and your loved ones are having a fabulous Thanksgiving.

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