mugshot - finished handwarmers

Ah, the ever-popular mugshot…. It comes in so handy when you want to make a pretty picture and highlight the lovely aspects of a handwarmer/wristwarmer, like the color and texture. It makes the world’s easiest project seem interesting and attractive. I love these handwarmers because for some reason this shade of rose strangely appeals to me and because they were a quick and easy, mindless project that I was able to zone out with while watching old episodes of 30 Rock, as comforting and cozy in its concept as its ultimate utilitarian purpose. I want to emphasize the loveliness of the single crochet and the warmth of that rose and hide the fact that I accidentally increased and decreased every other round which made for Frankenseams that zig-zag along my the inside of my wrists. I want to highlight the sheen of the silk/wool blend and not kvetch about the fact that it is super-sticky yarn that did not like being ripped out. In fact, I had to throw my starting chain and the next row away because I had too many stitches and wasn’t able to pull them out in order to start over again. We won’t speak any more of that. Just imagine yourself sipping on something warm and tasty while wearing these warm and toasty mitts. Mmmmm, yes…. There. Much better, right? Now go make yourself a pair, because everyone needs some squishy crocheted wristwarmers. (Basic recipe: Chain stitch 29, SC into 28 and join to form a cylinder, SC for 16 rows, SC back and forth for 8 rows, join again and decrease to 24 stitches in the join row and the next, SC for 4 rows. Alter to your taste and measurements.)

mugshot - finished handwarmers

2 thoughts on “mugshot

  1. I keep saying I need a pair of fingerless mitts, because my office still feels like it is being air conditioned. I'm sure I have a suitable yarn in the stash.

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