Some days are not all that interesting to write about, though they are lovely and full of laughter and hugs and other smile-making stuff. I’ll spare you what’s most on my mind because the subject of parenting is the most exhausted and exhausting topic on the internet (and IRL). The park? Super-fun but in a “you had to be there” kind of way. Play sessions? Storytime? Yeah. Probably not as exciting to hear about it as it is for the kiddo and me to enjoy it first-hand. Scratch that – definitely not as exciting. I will say that I am incredibly happy that we’ve reached what feels like an important milestone, and that’s getting the kiddo to sleep by himself in his own bed. While in the grand scheme of things I realize it’s nothing, right now it just feels like a huge deal, a major accomplishment on both our parts, and it is making me sing “Fuck yeah!” and do a little victory dance as soon as he’s away in dreamland.
Oh yeah, and uh, this happened:
Yes, it is what it looks like. I know. I know. Oh look! A squirrel!

4 thoughts on “sooooooo….

  1. Life with a little one is precious! I know it is monotonous sometimes (I have a 2 yr old) but it is so fun and special.

    Can you please tell me what fabric that purple one is? The one with a little red and it is geometric.

  2. Hmmm, aren't those cages supposed to keep the squirrels out? Don't you love when the squirrels hang up-side-down and get real still? Its like they think you can”t see them.

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