I hate machine-binding – partly because I suck big hairy badger ass at it. and partly because it just doesn’t look as lovely as hand-binding. I’m gonna suck it up and try to salvage this mess later. For now, I clearly see what I did wrong. I gave my initial seam a 3/8 allowance, which was really just too much and compromised the amount of binding I would have on the other side. If I ever try this again, I will use a 2 3/4 inch binding, give it a strict 1/4 inch allowance, be more meticulous about the join (I would have never been so sloppy with one of my quilts – why allow myself that on a smaller object?), and make sure I have at least 1/2 inch of binding on the back (or between 1/8  – 1/4 of an inch difference between the front and the back, with the greater amount on the back). Ugh. Until the day comes that I try this again, I am going to stick to hand-binding even if it is so much more time-consuming.
In the meanwhile, oh hai! Look at the kiddo’s pretty lashes! 
 Pretty lashes.
He is so happy-making. I am thoroughly enjoying his toddlerhood. He is starting to speak more clearly and cracks me  up by saying “Bye-bye, booger!” when I clean his nose.

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