the tradition of last-minute costumes begins

Finnasaurus Rex
Last year I put off making the kiddo’s costume for his first Halloween party until the last minute. This year was no different. Do we see a pattern emerging? Shall we just call it a tradition? There are a million online tutorials for making a dragon/dinosaur costume out of a sweatshirt, but I didn’t refer to any of them because it’s such a simple, straightforward project. I used an old green sweatshirt that used to be my favorite until the zipper stopped working, nipped in the sleeves, tucked a little here and there, attached a row of white wool felt teeth and a couple of eyes, and added a tail made of two pieces of green Kona and lightly stuffed with Polyfil. No big whoop. It was the easiest costume ever. It’s a little rough around the edges, but he wore it well and seemed to enjoy chasing his tail around like a cat (yet ANOTHER way in which kids are like cats).
Today was the party, and he was a shy, quiet little toddlersaur only roaring when he wanted a donut. Tomorrow afternoon we go trick or treating, and I expect that will be a ton of fun. We’ve been practicing our roaring and tail-swishing.

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