gathering for a good cause

finished lion for gather here
(This post is going to be quick & to the point. I am painfully sunburned and last week’s stomach bug is back kicking my ass sideways. For once, I’ll try make to friends with brevity.)

So there’s this great crafty shop that opened up in Cambridge that is my dream come true of a place that carries fabric AND yarn and all sorts of supplies that is airy and colorful and friendly and a million sorts of awesome. Perhaps you’ve already heard of it. Well, the good folks at gather here are really cultivating a crafty community, and it is reinvigorating my interest in making stuff and being a part of that community. But more importantly though, as with most people who understand and value the importance of community, they are interested in helping out and making a difference on a grander scale. When they heard about the tornado that devastated Joplin, Missouri, they decided to start a fundraiser. I thought the least I could do was donate something. So I donated this wee lion quilt:

finished lion for gather here

The quilt measures 36 x 44 inches and was inspired by this needlepoint pillow by Jonathan Adler. That pillow reminded me of some lion in an old board book I had as as wee way back in the 70’s. It was an image that I needed to explore. When I made the blocks for the pseudo-Single Girl baby quilt, it all came together for me. I figured out how I would construct this quilt and was dying to do it. Essentially, the whole quilt is one big block comprised of 4 pieces. And it has floppy ears and appliquéd felt eyes, mouth, and cheeks for wee ones to play with, making it interactive as well as visually stimulating for them. Since I wanted to get it done and present it to the folks at gather here this weekend, I decided to try a machine-stitched binding for the first time. It was easy as pie and only took a matter of minutes to complete. It’s just not as lovely as a hand-stitched binding, though. I am not 100% in love with how the back of the binding looks with the machine-stitching. Eh. My corners came out well, though. (So there’s that.) And I am happy with the quilting. Echo lines are fun, yo! Overall, I am pretty pleased with how it came out and am thrilled to be able to donate this piece to such a worthwhile cause. If you’re interested, please do check out the raffle.

11 thoughts on “gathering for a good cause

  1. It's absolutely adorable!!! How about making a tutorial (pretty please), cause I could see many wee ones being very happy with a lion quilt.

    Otherwise I'll just have to try for myself and see what comes out of it 😉

    Again, the quilt is gorgeous. And I hope the raffle makes lots of money for the support of Joplin.

  2. that quilt is amazing!

    and thanks for the info on gather here. i´m moving back to cambridge after four years away. during the eight years i lived there i didn´t know where to get good supplies, and school sort of cut into crafting time anyway. but now i know where will be one of my first stops back in town!

  3. Gorgeous! I would also love to see a tutorial. Just got into quilting and the bug has definitely bitten. Good luck with the fundraiser!

  4. oh my goodness, i could not love that quilt more. it is perfection, truly!! i wish it was mine!

    also, i miss you! how are things?

  5. This quilt is adorable! And thanks for the link to Gather Here. I'm going to Boston in a few months for a conference for work and I'll definitely check it out!

  6. beautiful colors and super cute quilt…and yay for gather here! they are so sweet and i too have felt renewed crafty vigor. hope to catch you at a pints & purls!

  7. I am completely in love with this quilt! My son's name is Leon, so i might make one for him, if you don't mind! So beautiful!

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