skittles ain’t got nothing on this!

rainbow of fruity goodness

Last weekend was amazing if exhausting. We celebrated the kiddo’s birthday with family and a few friends in the backyard. I’m not one for birthday parties, but really this was just a great excuse to get together with some of our favorite people and hang. A few of our dear friends from NY were up here with us, and my sister and nephew stayed with us as well. Since I hadn’t really planned on making a big production out of the gathering, I just needed a few ideas for simple but pretty and delicious foodstuffs. Pinterest to the rescue! So many great ideas abound there, like these rainbow fruit-kebobs. I also made these cupcakes, but I couldn’t get the eyes to stick, which made them less adorable than the ones in the photo (but delicious nonetheless). Next year, I’m doing a little bit of prep and going balls out doing it up big time for the kiddo. I’m already planning….

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