and so baby quilt season begins

wee pseudo-single girl
Some projects are just happy-making every step of the way. This baby quilt is one of those joyous projects. After seeing so many Single Girl quilts on Flickr and Pinterest, I had to make my own, and I had to make it that very moment. I didn’t use the actual pattern by Denyse Schmidt. I couldn’t wait for it to be mailed. I just winged it and made my own template. Sewing curves is super-easy, so the rest was really a breeze to figure out and execute. My construction was a little different; I paper-pieced all the scrappy bits because it just made more sense and seemed easier to do so. I referred to the Single Girl Support Group on Flickr for tips and ideas on how to quilt it. I decided to follow Denyse Schmidt’s plan for the quilting, but I didn’t trace a ton of lines onto my top. I only traced the large rounded squares using my template as a guide, then used the quilting stick on my walking foot as a guide when making the echo lines. 
let the baby quilting begin!
Everything about this project (except for sewing curves) was new to me, and I really enjoyed the whole process. This is the first time I have ever gotten so fussy with the quilting itself, and I loved it. I am amazed that I have never used the quilting stick before for straight lines. I always mark them or sew 1/4 inch from the seams when quilting. Now I want to quilt everything like this! I figure since it only took me two sessions to quilt this in this fashion (an hour or so of quilting each night), maybe I can actually do a huge one for my own bed within a reasonable time frame so that I don’t lose interest or momentum. Hmmm…. As soon as I finish up a few projects and bee blocks, I know what I’ll be doing.
close-up of the quilting
Overall, my proportions for the quilt are just slightly off from the original design/pattern. I think my scale is smaller by a couple of inches. Each block came out to 15 inches finished. The quilt measures 35 x 50 inches, which I think is a good size for a versatile quilt that can be easily rolled up for travel or used as a stroller quilt, etc. Since the recipient is a New Englander, I thought they would appreciate something that would keep their wee one warm everywhere, not just in the crib, which is also why the backing is one of my favorite flannel prints by Ann Kelle.
crispy corners
So one baby quilt down, three more to go!

8 thoughts on “and so baby quilt season begins

  1. I love your version of the quilt! I agree completely that paper pieceing is the best way to do it, I wondered why the original wasn't made in that way. That is also why I never purchased the pattern.

    Can't wait to see the baby quilts to come!

  2. this is seriously AWESOME! I got the pattern and one day at work spent the entire afternoon cutting all the template pieces and then using glue to stick them all together. I have no idea why it wasn't paper pieced in the first place! Your version is AMAZING!!! I love it!

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