i put a bird on it

 i put a bird on it
…and a mushroom and a (totally messed up) little owl, too. So you know how sometimes you’ll see something at one of those evil big stores, and it’s cute and snuggly and ON SALE. And you know how it goes with baby clothes. It’s only going to fit for a couple of months, so if you’re going to spend money on them, you want to spend as little as possible. Suddenly, your beliefs fly out the window as you’re pulling out your wallet clutching a handful of cheap, wee pants that are all fleecey and warm and ZOMG! just the thing your kiddo needs. Then you get home, throw them in the wash, and find yourself getting hung up on the stupid logo that’s stamped on it because for the love of crunchy how you hate logos. There’s an easy solution, however – grab some felt and scissors and sew on some critters to cover up the crap. Each one only took a few minutes to cut and sew. My only issue was sewing them onto the the pants themselves. That was a little tricky what with getting the leg onto the arm of the machine and under needle and positioning everything just right so that I wouldn’t sew any part of the pants onto themselves. Next time I might just hand stitch ’em on. It’ll take a more time, but it will just look better. Not that it matters, really, as the kiddo doesn’t demand perfection. He’s an easy-going little fella:
bird pants - action shot

Anne totally planted the seed for this idea in my head. When I saw her a couple of weekends ago, she suggested I sew some adorable little mushrooms as pockets onto the Snug I had just finished. I loved the idea but wasn’t keen on sewing onto squishy garter stitch. I filed the suggestion away because I knew it had to work for something. Not that I made these into pockets, but they are patches where normally pockets would go:
i put a bird on it... and a mushroom and an owl

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