simple pleasures

things I never thought I would say: I love making baby food
I never imagined that I would ever feel this way, much less announce it in a public forum, but I love making baby food. There is something so satisfying about pureeing the hell out of steamed veggies and fruits that have have been cooked into mushy bits.

6 thoughts on “simple pleasures

  1. I think it sounds like great fun! I often think I'd eat much more healthfully if I were to steam fruits and veggies for myself and package them in single-serving sizes.

    I'm entranced by the Beeba gadget at Williams Sonoma even though (1) I don't even have a baby, and (2) it's completely unnecessary, and (3) the high price.

  2. We've loved making baby food, too! What did you make? Our little one is almost a year, so for the past few month, his meals have had more substance. We no longer puree it, but mash it up and freeze it. I love the convenience of just pulling something out of the freezer that I know he'll eat.

  3. Jessica – these are (left to right) a root mash made of steamed carrots, parsnips, and baked sweet potato, fresh nectarines & frozen raspberries pureed together, and mashed peas. So easy, and fast since for the most part it's all the same stuff we're having for dinner. We're at the point where I think we no longer need to puree since he's going on 10 months and now enjoys finger foods, but it's still a good idea to mash & freeze. So convenient and good for them, too.

  4. We're about to start solids with our little girl. We have the Beaba and a food mill and I am itching to start going through the Annabel Karmel recipes wit her. Did you start with veggies or cereal?

  5. Becky – We tried to start out with rice cereal, but he rejected it. Meanwhile, he was grabbing for food off our plates, so we knew he was ready for solids. He just didn't want the rice cereal. We started him off with mashed bananas, and he really seemed to enjoy that. We then moved on to mashed ripe avocado and then to steamed carrots and homemade applesauce (easiest thing in the world to make). We haven't used a Beaba, but we hear great things about it. Have fun with yours!

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