gnome for the holidays

Gnome Chomsky
pattern: Garden Gnome Hat
designer: Betsy Farquhar
yarn: Knit Picks Palette in Red & White
needles: Addi Turbo 16 inch circs in US sizes 0 and 2
modifications: I used size 0 needles for the ribbing and only knit 3 gnomes instead of 4, making it a much narrower hat, also making it a much longer hat

Gnomey Hat
The wee was invited to a tea party today, and since the invitation called for fancy hats, I decided to kill not two but three, yes, three birds with one stone and knit him this gnome hat. First, I fell in love with this pattern the minute I saw it on ravelry. Second, not only would I fulfill my desire to knit this hat simply because I am so in love the design, but I was planning to knit the kiddo a holiday hat anyway. Third, well, fancy hat! Seriously, this hat is positively papal in length. Check out this action shot:

snoozing kiddo - hat in action

The kid is hanging out there in the carrier, and the hat is about halfway down his back. I kind of love it like that. Matt jokes that it’s perfect because the kid now has a place to tuck away his dreadlocks. Heh. That and the first thing he said when he saw the kid wearing it was, “Oh, look at little Gnome Chomsky!” Double heh. 
I have to say, for a moment there I wasn’t sure I would have it finished and blocked in time for the party this morning, but fortunately I had a ton of time to finish knitting at the doctor’s office yesterday. The sprinkles of happy on this whole project? Apparently, Knit Picks Palette is kind of awesome for knitting colorwork. It’s nice and sticky, and it blocks beautifully. Did I mention that when placed over a hot air vent, it seemed to block in about an hour? No? Well, it did! This, of course, pleased me so very much. As for the kid, I’m not so sure how pleased he is with it since it is a little big:
Gnome Chomsky 
Happy holidays, folks!

4 thoughts on “gnome for the holidays

  1. That is such a sweet hat and the photos of your son are adorable. I am glad to hear about Palette and how it blocks. I am halfway through some colorwork mitts and using Palette for the first time. Happy holidays 🙂

  2. and here I was so impressed with the gnome hat I'm working on :-)… but I can't compete with your adorable baby-sized one. So utterly cute! I also suddenly have a strange urge to order some Palette too…

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