jingly balls

bright balls
So, what do you think of my balls? Heheh, I said “balls.” When I saw these lovely fabric balls over at Urban Patchwork, I thought they would make a great gift for a baby.

bright balls
Not only are they a fun tactile object that you can also make visually interesting using playful fabrics, but if you throw in a little jingly bell or two, as Jess suggested, they double as a rattle/sound ball. I didn’t use a teeny plastic bag and instead bought a bunch of jingly cat toys so that the bells wouldn’t be muffled:

jingly ball center

Because I have decided that this will be the most fabulously laid-back, low-key holiday season ever at our place, I am all about the quick and easy projects. This is seriously one of the quickest, easiest projects ever. You can find the tutorial over here. Hope you’re all having a wonderful and stress-free holiday season!

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