minor adjustments

Giacomo hat - with earflaps & ties

Remember this hat? Well, just a week or so after Rhinebeck, tired of it falling off the kiddo’s noggin, I quickly added earflaps and some i-cord ties to keep it in place. Now just a month and a half later, the hat is too small for him. Just as well, as it gives me an excuse to knit him another hat (or two – or more!).
I gotta warn you folks, while I have no intention of pontificating about motherhood here or sharing the details of my wee’s every bodily function, I am going to be sharing a ton of baby knits and baby sewing projects and maybe the occasional story or tender tidbit because this little person is a huge part of my life. Not mentioning him at all for the sake of not boring or disappointing people would be strange. I only say this because in real life it feels like I’ve been written off by people since the kid came along. As much as I try not to take it personally since I understand that not everyone wants to hang out with someone who is tired yet over-enthusiastic and sadly under-socialized, much less hear about  what the wee and I got up to (ooh, the library singalong – exciting!), it still stings. Also, I recently became aware that there are actually people who believe that once someone pops out a crotchfruit, their creative life dies, rendering them boring, milky pulp incapable of producing an iota of awesomeness. Funny that, considering I have a million and one ideas bouncing around right now. My struggle is with finding the time to execute them all, but I am making time here and there. While a lot of those ideas for projects are baby-related, the majority are not. Which is to say stick around, and I just may surprise you.

8 thoughts on “minor adjustments

  1. Funny. I didn't really become all that active with my crafting/sewing until I had a kid. As far as people writing you off because of the arrival of an awesome new family member (!) well, who need 'em! (But it does sting. I know what you mean.) Looking forward to seeing whatever you post here!

  2. Screw'em! I want to hear all things munchkin since I miss you too much 🙂 and all of my friends have had, or in the process of having a kiddo, I am always welcoming more crafty ideas to make!

  3. pshaw! I feel like a crazy person faving all your pictures of Mr. Barbarino on flickr. I love hearing how he changes/grows/farts rainbows. 🙂

  4. Well, there are many others of us who are mothers and are particularly interested in reflecting on how the creative life grows and changes with this new role.

    But I suspect that most stick around if there's knitting content, and leave if there's not. Sure, there are a few who simply dislike children and will unsubscribe in order to avoid them. But despite lifestyles and preferences most knitters love to see and process each others knitting. If that's here too, it doesn't matter what else is. There are great blogs with way too much cat news for my taste, but it doesn't make me go away!

  5. That's sad. I am sorry to hear that. Please feel free to write about your little one. Some people just don't realize how life changing it is to have a child. They become your life.

    Funny, I use to think that I might bore people to death blogging about my daughter. I come to find out, people love seeing her pictures and reading about her. I even have people reading my blog that don't knit, but just like to see pictures of Melody as she is growing up.

    It's your blog. Do as you please.

  6. Yes, yes and more yes. I know exactly how you feel. I, for one, will definitely still be checking in! Probably even more so because of the kid. 🙂

    (It was super wonderful to meet him yesterday too!)

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