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quilt beginnings - for n&s

I have so many things started right now! I’m lucky to be able to squeeze in a little bit of sewing time here and there while the wee one naps. I’m also lucky that he’s a sound little sleeper. When I’m super-lucky, I get a whole hour at a time which is helping me learn to be more efficient with my time management. I am unlucky, however, in that my left hand is healing from a form of tendinitis, and knitting is a no-go with my hand in a brace. Of course, now that I can’t do it is when I most want to knit. Heh. It’s not like I don’t have half a dozen baby quilts to make for friends who are about to pop in the next few months (one of whom gave birth to a beautiful baby girl just last week – I gotta catch up and finish theirs quickly).

baby quilt beginnings

Life is great right now, and I am loving this summer so far. Just taking things one day at a time, making stuff when I can, and enjoying a lot of outdoor time with the wee one. Hope you’re all having a lovely time of it, too.


One thought on “this & that

  1. Glad to hear that you are squeezing in some crafting time. I hope you heal quickly so you can knit again. This quilt is another winner!

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