just go with it

Sometimes when I overthink things, I become paralyzed with indecision. I’m feeling that way right now. All I know is that I love these colors together, but I have no idea what I want to make with them just yet. Do I want squares? Do I want pinwheels? Do I want a whole crib quilt that is one fabulously crazy single wonky log cabin rectangle? I want to get a move on now because it would be nice to get one more top done before the wee one gets here, especially if it’s a quilt that he can use. I’m thinking you can never have too many crib quilts, right? I think I’ll just start cutting and see where that takes me.

5 thoughts on “just go with it

  1. Even though June has long since outgrown her crib, we still use her crib quilts every day! They are the perfect size for the car, stroller, to snuggle with on chairs for bedtime stories…you cannot have enough! Also these fabrics are so fabulous together.

  2. tiny zoo!! 🙂

    what is the print second from the left where we can see a mustard giraffe peeking out? because that is fantastic!

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