well, this is finally coming in handy

Funny thing about this baby hat. I knit this years ago, back when I started knitting in earnest and had just started going to a local knit night at one of my favorite cafés in Long Island City. I think it was back in 2002. Only 8 years ago, but it feels like forever. I was still figuring out a lot about knitting. I remember I was so proud when I finished this because I had just learned to knit in the round. This was in the way back times, back when I still used DPNs, and I was teaching myself how to knit cables. Never mind the fact that it was clearly too small for me, I was so chuffed with myself when I finished it. It was ridiculously teeny, and someone suggested I hold onto it because someday there would be a baby it would fit just perfectly. Then we laughed at my huge gauge issue, and I threw the hat into a resealable plastic bag with my fledgling stash where I forgot about it until yesterday. I finally got around to sorting the old stash out to see what stays and what goes and lo, I came across the wee hat. I laughed, and I got a little misty as I remembered the awesome women I used to knit with. I hope they’re all doing well and that they’re happy today.

So there’s one more knit for the feisty one, even if it’s an unintentional one. Hoping to get more knitting time in the next 8 weeks, but we’ll see how that goes.

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