get yr sock on

wee socks
It almost feels like all my attention span can handle these days is wee socks. There are a million and one preparations to make, and most of them are boring stuff – finishing every last assignment/commission I have on my plate so I can take April & May off, taxes, passport renewals, endless minutia and tiny loose ends that need to be tied up and neatly put away so I don’t have to worry about them in the coming months. Not to mention all the chaos caused by the work that’s being done in the apartment. Although we’ve managed to go 3 winters here with no heat in the living room/ studio, we’re not sure how a wee one will feel about that. (Yeah, I know, oh those first world problems! Heh.) Hence, I am tired, my brain hurts all the time, and I need quick little projects that are full of satisfaction. That’s where the wee socks come in – a super-fast and easy project that is chock full of joy… and a great way to use up all those sock yarn leftovers, to boot!

As I was knitting these wee socks, it struck me that I don’t have a lot of leftovers to use, and the reason why is painfully clear. It’s the same reason why I faltered at the heel of the first wee sock and the same reason why I had to think about how to kitchener a toe. I have not been knitting socks. The realization awed me. How can I not be knitting socks? I always knit socks. I know at least four different types of heels and five different toes right off the top of my head (thanks to Nancy Bush)! How can I suddenly draw a blank while knitting wee socks? And how could I have gone the whole winter without knitting even one pair of socks for myself? I think I have at least two pairs on the needles now. Here’s one:

I have no idea where the other(s) may be what with our apartment having been torn apart the last week or so. What is wrong with me? Where has my sock knitting mojo gone? I think I can find it, and I think this is going to help me find it. Wanna play along? Go to Elinor’s blog and read the rules. There’s also a Flickr group and a ravelry group. Elinor’s put a lot of thought and effort into organizing this, and it promises to be a lot of fun. Let’s all get our sock on!

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