flowers in the snow, oh how they grow

Six rows in, and I love this so much. I only have three more rows to go until I decide whether to add another row & column or call it done and crochet a nice border around it. I hope to maybe get another row in tonight. I’ve gotta say, I’m impressed with the yardage I’m getting from the Berroco Vintage. One hank of the white (Mochi) gets me four rows, which makes me more than confident that I ordered enough yarn. My only problem with the Vintage is that it’s very splitty. I’ll be zooming along crocheting and suddenly I pull only half a strand through the needle and have to rip that stitch and gather the yarn together for a second attempt. I prefer to zip along without this kind of distraction. The colors are great, however, and it is machine-washable, which is the main reason I decided to use it for this project.

Right now, it’s a little puckery, but I’m thinking maybe the yarn will stretch out a bit after the first wash. I’ve heard that Vintage relaxes a bit after a soak. It has occurred to me that if that’s the case, then I may just go with the border once I finish the 9 rows and call it done. Heh. Fingers crossed on that one.


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