starting out

I’m two rows in and loving the process. It’s nowhere near as fiddly as that scarf that shall not be named (not that I have a name for it other than “muffler 5.6” anyway), and it is going pretty quickly. The final width, however, is 28 inches – 4 inches shy of my original goal of 32 inches. I’m just going to piece the whole thing together and then figure our how to proceed. Maybe I’ll add another row & column. Maybe I’ll just crochet an extra-wide border around it. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. (That phrase is one of my favorite clichés – like, seriously, what are going to do when you get there and find there’s a bridge to cross? Turn around and go back home? I think not. You cross it. Derf.)

Just letting you all know that there may be progress shots of this in the coming days. There may be a lot of ’em. They may bore you. I am obsessed, however. My blanket – I loooooooooooovessss my precious blanket….


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