sometimes it’s a flop

And boy, what a flop! A flippity-floppity-flim-flam-flop. I’m not listing the details for this because later tonight I am frogging the hell out of it. I actually finished this monstrosity late last year and have been meaning to blog about it, but you know, what can you say about a project that’s best described as an asshat? I wanted to make a slouchy hat like this one at the purl bee. The thing I failed to take into account is that their hat is textured. I did straight up stockinette for mine which means I should have done the maths to make it fit a little less loosely. But it’s just a hat, and I was too lazy to do the maths for it. Now, it is eating my head. That’s what I get for not doing something as simple as making 1 stitch every 12 stitches instead of every 6. (See? Math is not hard – I’m just lazy.) Derf!

It doesn’t look too bad from the back, though. It’s just the front, where I look like the Purple Pie-Man, that’s a problem. Even when I wear it “normally,” it’s a bit much. Sooooooooooo, you think I have enough yardage in there for a baby sweater? Maybe a baby vest? We’ll see…. This yarn is begging to be something else.

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