mad about mittens

The pile of mittens grows, some awaiting partners, others awaiting linings. And I just got my Amazon order for Magnificent Mittens and Mostly Mittens. So excited! It’s going to be total mitten madness around here for the next month or two.

I finished the Fiddleheads on the top of the pile last night. They’re blocked and smelling fantastic from the shampoo I used to soak them. (I always use shampoo when I soak any project that I think is going to bleed, upon Adrian’s awesome advice.) They were originally intended as a last minute-gift for Matt, but my gauge was a little off. So they’re too small for him but perfect for me. Heh. Talk about serendipity, huh? I’ll line them once I finish the back-up gift I am now working on. More on the Fiddleheads later, though. I’ll have the full details once I’m 100% finished with them. Happy holidays, folks!


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