this jam is the ish, yo!

Ishbel - edges

pattern: Ishbel, from Whimsical Little Knits
designer: Ysolda Teague
yarn: Lobster Pot Yarns Laceweight Cashmere in Mayflower Beach
needles: Addi Turbos #6
modifications: none; I knit the smaller version

You know what’s ridiculous, and by ridiculous perhaps I mean lazy? When it takes you longer to get around to blocking something than it did for you to actually knit said item. Oh, I’ll admit, it was a little slow-going there at the start. For some reason, my brain kept farting and couldn’t wrap itself around the basic beginnings of this simple shawlette. I must have cast on and ripped at least five times when I started. When I was finally done with the stockinette part, I was so relieved to have made it that far and so happy to be done with all those boring stitches that I put it away… for almost TWO MONTHS. When I picked it up again back in August, I just wanted to be done with it. Not because I didn’t enjoy the process of knitting it but because I couldn’t wait to see the finished product. I knew it was going to be lovely. Seeing all those Ishbels out in the blogosphere and all over ravelry and Flickr left me wanting one badly. Knitting a repeat a night, I finished it in less than a week. Then I put it back in its pouch when it has languished waiting to be blocked until a few days ago. I really should have done this much sooner because it feels so dang good now that it’s done. I love it!

Also, look at how different the color looks in a sunny room. It’s almost a warm turquoise, as opposed to the cold, hard teal it is in the detail photos I took in my studio during an overcast day. The reality of it is somewhere in between the two. It’s a pretty rich shade of turquoise.

I only wish that I had used a silk blend. I have been admiring Lauren’s gorgeous Ishbel, and I particularly love the sheen on the yarn she used. It just glows with such a warm, sumptuous luster. I love it! While the cashmere I used is fabulously warm and squishy, it doesn’t have that glorious glow. Also, the day after I blocked it, it started to lose its crispness. After one wear, it’s all puckery, as if I had never even blocked it. Not such a big deal being as I am planning on wearing it “Bandito-style,” but still…. It’s lace, and I would love for its pretty details to show, you know? The next shawl I knit will be silk or a silk blend, for sure.


8 thoughts on “this jam is the ish, yo!

  1. That's so beautiful! I'm knitting my third Ishbel right now, in a lace weight (madelinetosh lace, actually). That beginning is kind of magic, isn't it? Ysolda is so clever. Your Ishbel is really beautiful.

  2. You admire my ishbel? I admire your ishbel! Seriously that color is to die for. It makes me want to get that yarn and knit the whole thing again just so I can copy you. 🙂

  3. Your Ishbel is stunning! I love the colours and it does look spectacular newly blocked. Shame it didn't stay that way for very long though.- P.S. I'm giving away 2 skeins of Malabrigo yarn of your choice on my blog. Maybe you could win them for your next Ishbel. 😉

  4. Re: taking forever to block something…What IS that?? I've done it, too and I have no idea why. Anyway, the shawl is absolutely, totally, and completley gorgeous.

  5. The shawl is gorgeous and I understand the “laziness”… I've actually avoided projects if they look like they'll involve a huge deal of blocking. It's a bane and I don't know why pieces just can't block themselves. Why??

    But I'm really glad you blocked your shawl. You need to show that baby off!

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