mojo’s back in town

perhaps I went a tad overboard with the buttons

pattern: February Baby Sweater, from the Knitter’s Almanac
designer: Elizabeth Zimmermann
yarn: fingering weight Pigeonroof Studios in Venetian, handspun for me by Danielle
needles: Addi Turbos #2
modifications: instead of the gull stitch the pattern calls for, I used straight-up vanilla stockinette to better show-off the striations made by the handspun

If you’re going to ease back into knitting after not knitting for months, it’s good to start with a small and satisfying project. (Seriously, how sad is that? Months, people! I have not knit for months, and I don’t know why. Or rather, I have an inkling why, and it has to do with performance anxiety and my own neurosis, but let’s save that for another day… or better yet, for a therapist.) I love this wee sweater. I kinda wish I had enough handspun to knit one in my size because that would be fabulous.

In a way, this teeny sweater feels like a collaboration since several people had their hands in this in small (and one huge) ways. Thanks to Stacie for the buttons, to Diana for the inspiration to go with a bunch of different buttons and use the stockinette instead of the gull stitch pattern, and last but not least, to Danielle for spinning this yarn for me. For some reason, I thought I had blogged about our swap when it happened, but I guess I didn’t. Back in February, I made this elephant for Danielle, and she in turn spun some yarn for me and made me an adorable little knitting pouch. Thanks again, Danielle! I had been wondering what to make with this lovely handspun, and this just seemed like the perfect project for it. I love it when knitting comes together like that!


12 thoughts on “mojo’s back in town

  1. That's such a cute little jacket and the yarn looks yummy! Love the buttons too.
    I'm glad you knitting mojo is back, your knits are always lovely – and don't you still have an awesome stash of sockyarn?? Time to get knittin' 😉

  2. That is too too sweet and adorable and I love the pattern and I love the buttons and I can't say enough about that gorgeous yarn and and and…!

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