graffbroidery? or embroideriti?

Hey, remember this project? You know, that single, same piece of embroidery that I started last summer and totally forgot about until a few weeks ago? I finally finished it. Who knew that the way to finally finish a project was to actually pick it up and work on it? Who’d have thunk it? Amazing, no? I know, I know. It’s a radical idea. Back to the graffbroidery or embroideriti, though, I think it was all the satin stitch that made my interest in this fade a bit. Next time, I’ll stick to chain stitch & split stitch and fill ‘er up with a ton of French knots in a progression of tones. I am envisioning this already. Anyhoo, now that I’m done with this piece, I kinda love it, despite the imperfect and time-sucking satin stitch (and I am so relieved – seriously, this should have only taken me a couple of days). I am actually looking forward to the next one because this vision I have – I have to make it happen now.

Matt and I are working on a couple of other collaborations, and soon – very soon – I will have something fun to share with you all.


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