yet one more reason

Remember those socks I recently knit out of Koigu that went from a lush shade of raspberry to a dull, faded-into-oblivion pink after the first wash? Well, when I posted about them on Flickr, someone from Koigu was kind enough to contact me ASAP with an explanation and an apology. He even offered me some yarn to make up for this unpleasantness. I was beyond surprised by their awesome response and excellent customer service. Hell, I was shocked, actually! Not because I imagined them horrible people or anything like that, but because I just would have never imagined that a Koigu rep would ever come across my photos, much less reach out to me. Well, when I got home Saturday night, there was a happy package awaiting me – four skeins of Koigu, fresh from Canada. Koigu is one of my favorite yarns, and now, after this wonderful customer service experience, I love them even more. Huge thanks to Rhichard and the good folks at Koigu!

I can’t wait to try the Mori! It’s got such a lovely sheen and texture. And the KPPPM is perfect for a pair of socks I have planned for my mom. Speaking of KPPPM, while in NYC last weekend, I may have nipped into my old LYS and picked up a birthday present for myself:

Because I am now convinced that you can never have too much Koigu in your stash! And because I adore them!

3 thoughts on “yet one more reason

  1. How nice! It's great to hear stories like that when most companies have forgotten what cust serv is. You will LOVE Mori! They make the loveliest socks.

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