holy potholders batman!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of going to visit Adrian in idyllic Shelburne Falls to sort through the potholders for the potholder swap, and holy cow! Did the swappers bring it, or what?!

We had some Pimm’s and cheese and got sorting. Maryse was there as well, and with her help we were able to sort and package everything super-fast. It was such a pleasure to see everyone’s fabulous handiwork in person, and so many folks were super-sweet and included extra potholers as presents for us. Thanks to all the swappers for making this so much fun!

And how lucky did I get? Adrian and Maryse each made me a lovely potholder. (I’ll post photos of them tomorrow.) It occurs to me now that with everything that was going on last week, I never got a chance to post about the potholders I made. Besides, the gray and low light situation (what with all the rain) would have made for crap photos. I was able to take this shot on Friday, however:

The one on the bottom right is back-side-up. I wanted one side to be kinda kitschy and the other to be kinda clean and contemporary. I have to admit, though, I don’t think that crochet is my forté. I am simultaneously looking forward to finishing that scarf I started a few months ago and cringing at the thought of having to crochet 30 more squares. We’ll see how that goes….

In the meanwhile, hooray for swaps!


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